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Furniture ?- long

Does this sound goofy or not?

Two years ago we bought very nice, solid medium-priced nursery furniture for our first- Westwood Design Dakota  in dark wood(crib, toddler rail, full size bed rails conversion kit, chest of drawers, & changing table on top/small dresser). On my iPad, can't make it clicky. The room is small and this collection appealed to us since it was "European sized" which basically means more compact and the changing table piece is shorter and there isn't room on top for a basket of diapers-there are drawers that swing out for diapers &wipes. We've been VERY happy with the furniture and it was an ideal purchase and investment. Everything fits perfectly in the room with a glider and small bookshelf. The room and bedding are neutral since we were Team Green.

Anyways, DS just turned 2 and that is his room (AKA-he is still in his crib) until we change our guest room over to his big boy room. We've been talking it up and he goes in the other room now and says "this my room?" And seems excited. Technically, it will be once we find some furniture.....

Here's our dilemma. Originally, we were going to have the furniture grow with DS and change the crib to a toddler bed and use it in his big boy room. BUT I just love the nursery as is. It's calming, serene, and everything has a place. I would rather put my time and energy into decorating a new room for DS. So I went out looking for big boy furniture yesterday and am not really all that happy with the crap that I found. We want something that will last (quality and durability) and but basic(not fancy pants or thousands of $) enough for a 2 year old's room.

DH and I were tossing around ideas last night and came up with buying a second crib-same collection Westwood Dakota-to use for LO and a larger dresser,We would technically move DS's crib/toddler bed to his new room and pair it with a short, long 6-drawer dresser. We would need to get some extra shelves/toy & book organization to supplement. But then the nursery would stay as is, we'd use the conversion kit we bought eventually, and we'd have quality, durable furniture that will grow for both our boys.  Win-win-win! 

Is it goofy to have the same furniture in 2 kids' rooms even if one is a crib & 2 dressers and the other is a toddler bed and a different dresser?

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Re: Furniture ?- long

  • I don't think it's goofy at all. If that's what you like, go for it! 
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  • I don't think it's weird at all.

    We kept our nursery the same and moved DD into a big bed, but it's one we already owned. If you guys like the style, go for it!  The kids will eventually help you make it their own. 

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  • hmp1hmp1 member
    I agree with the pp. Go for it.

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  • I vote do it. If you like it and it's functional, I don't think it matters. :)


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  • kjskjskjskjs member

    I don't think it's goofy at all. If that's what you like, go for it! 



  • My sister and I had the exact same twin beds growing up, but none of our other furniture matched and I don't think people probably even noticed (esp because we had different bedding).
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  • We will be doing that exact same thing. Not goofy at all.
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