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from being getting preclamsia at 37weeks..induction..then emergency c-section!

Jonathan's due date was March 25, 2012, and I would have to say that my entire pregnancy was fairly easy, compared to friends and family I have shared stories with.  I did not have morning sickness for very long; I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I'd the say the worst thing I had was heart burn through the entire pregnancy.  Every doctor's appointment went well, and I was healthy. The weekend that marked my 37th week, I started to feel very sick. I felt an enormous amount of pressure and pain on my chest and ribs....I assumed baby was just kicking and putting pressure there since he was already face down position.  Sunday, Monday I got zero sleep, the pain only got worst and worst, to the point where I felt I couldn't breathe, and I could not lay down at all.  Tuesday morning, March 6th, my dr told me to go to labor and delivery so they can check me out, but when I got there I was taken to ER because the chest pains were at a 10 on a scale of pain.  I ended up getting all these test done, and everything came back they said, it's probably just baby putting pressure.  Thursday, March 8, 10AM was my follow up appoint with OB dr....he was really confused to what was causing me so much pain, my blood pressure was normal, and all my test came back normal....before sending me home, he wanted to check baby, so set me up on monitor for about 20 mins. I was hvaing contractions, which I did not feel, and baby was not moving alot, and heart rate dropped a few times.  I was then taken to labor n delivery for more monitoring.  By 1pm, they decided to induce me, my blood pressure went up really high, and I ended up having preclamisia, they did not want to leave babyJ in there any longer.  By this time I was completely freaking out, dad was at work, I was with my cousin...and I still had three weeks, I suddenly was scared and nervous and thought I am NOT READY for this.  I was not dialating, so I figured I be in labor for HOURS!!!! I even told dad to take his time, go home, shower, grab my bag, and take care of dogs before coming to hospital. I started to feel the contractions and everything seemed fine, I was trying to keep myself calm. Dr. came in and said babys heart rate dropped, they want to give me the epidural now, because if the heart rate dropped again, they would have to call an emergency csection. now i was really freaking out and dad wasnt at hospital yet...we told him to forget everything I said about taking his time, and to get there fast!!  Everything seemed to be going well, I was waiting to get my epidural, and then about 10 people came running into the room...babys heart rate dropped again and I was only 1 cm dialated! They said it was time for csection, dad was parking the car, and as they wheeled me into surgery room, dad was running down the hallway, nurse gave him scrubs, told him to wash up and get dressed...I never got the epidural, so I was given spinal block in surgery room..everything was happening so fast. by 3:27pm, Jonathan was born....a little peanut at 4lbs. 11oz and 17.5inches.  I was later told that having preclamisa stunt his growth, and the dr couldnt understand why i didnt show any signs of it sooner.  So now whenever we decide to have baby#2, I will be at high risk.

I stayed in hospital for 5 days and baby J for 7days....since he was so small, his body couldnt keep his blood sugars at a good level, so he needed to be monitored in nursery, feeding every two hrs and checking sugars after every feeding. He was up and down the first 5 days...finally day 6 his levels were high and stayed high and he was able to come home!

This expereince was so insanely emotional for me.....I didn't even do research or read about csections durng my pregnancy..thinking it won't happen to me, I been healthy the entire time! I didn't know what to expect, what to feel or how to cope! So I would tell everyone expectant mother out your can happen to anyone! I know we all have our birth plans, and plan on doing things a certain way...but just keep an open mind, because everything can change! I was unable to breastfeed until we got home Day 7...and even though I pumped in the hospital, my milk never fully came in.  Jonathan needs to be on a high calorie, preemie formula until even though I wanted to exclusively breastfeed I was unable to do so, and I felt horrible at first.  But things happen and things changed and I have to do what's best for baby.  So I would try to prepare yourself for anything and keep an open miind!


BabyJ and I are completely healthy now! And although I am still recovering physically from csection, and I am 3months PP...... this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

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Re: from being getting preclamsia at 37weeks..induction..then emergency c-section!

  • imagetraceyt07:
    Wow, sounds like a wild ride.  Congratulations on your little boy!

    thanks! yes it was wild and happened so fast. i heard all these stories how first pregnancies, labor can take long, even days, so I wasn't expecting baby to come early, and for it to happen so fast.  i've been obsessed with doing research on preeclamsia and HELLP(which is the form i ended up having), because doctors don't really know alot about it or why it happens. Since I did not show any major symptoms, I wasn't monitored more's a serious condition and cause alot of harm to mom and/or baby. i am glad eveyrthing turned out well for us! =)

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  • thanks for sharing! :) Another good lesson in the need to go with the flow and not freak out if things don't go exactly as planned.
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  • thanks for sharing! :)




  • Wow! Congrats though!!
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  • Congrats on a healthy baby! Your story sounds a lot like my first pregnancy...except that doc recognized my pre-e in time to keep a close eye on me. Still ended up with an emergency c/s due to baby's heartrate dropping.

    Thought I'd let you know that my second pregnancy was healthy and no sign of pre-e. Hoping it's the same this time around too!

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