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Nanny rates?


We're having an issue with our daycare and are thinking of turning to a nanny as an option until we can get into a daycare closer to our home- it may be a few months. Does anyone know how much a Seattle nanny generally charges? We are in Kenmore and are open to a nanny in our home or even a nanny share, but have no idea as to what those options cost.



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  • We paid $10 / hour as well as L&I and unemployment insurance.
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  • We pay a salary as opposed to hourly, much easier for us that way.  We pay $1200/mo for 1 child about 40 hrs/wk.  Once she's watching both girls FT, it will bump up to between $1600-$1800 depending on what other household duties she's doing.

    We pay cash under the table, offer 2 wks paid vacation/sick days.  She also brings her own son, which is part of why we get such a good deal.  It is a benefit to her, so an additional part of the income really.  


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  • We pay 10 dollars an hour and I went on to find. 
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