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Swollen feet & hands

I'm 11 weeks and my feet and hands are beyond swollen and this isn't the first time(2nd) I thought you weren't suppose to swell until the 3rd trimister.. I worked all day but I came home and put my feet up .. And I didn't start swelling til2 hours after I got home.. Any suggestions to help? I only drink water and have cut back on sodium 

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    I am 13 wks and I feel your pain... It feels like pressure points on my feet and my fingers look like little sausages. lol. I actually have to take my ring off cause it begins to cut circulation off.  I found that drinkning alot of water and elevating my feet made the swelling occur less and it helps for the swelling to go down. Also wearing loose shoes helped alot with my feet swelling. Hope you feel better.
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    My doctor gave me a list of scenarios that I would need to call him. Ex: bleeding, cramping, fever, etc. swelling of hands and feet was one of them. I would call your doctor just in case, especially because you are still in your first trimester. 
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    Kie310Kie310 member
    I had huge swelling issues with my first. Thankfully not this early, but b/t 28-30 weeks it started. I ended up with pre-e (it's a sign, I had MANY other symptoms too) but it is definitely something I would call your doctor about.
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