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Choroid Plexus Cyst is gone!

We had our follow up ultrasound today and the cyst has resolved! I knew that chances were slim that something was actually wrong but I am still just so relieved to hear this news. We have a perfectly healthy little girl measuring right on track. I hope that this will be some encouragement to anyone else going through this :-)
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Re: Choroid Plexus Cyst is gone!

  • Awesome news!   Mine was gone too last week at my appointment.   Like you mentioned - I knew it was supposed to be no big deal but boy was I relieved when it was gone. 
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  • Hooray! That is GREAT news!

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  • That is such wonderful news! Congrats! :)

    I have my first appointment with my new doctor next Monday. My old doctor said we'd do another ultrasound during third tri to see if the cyst went away, so I'm hoping that the new doctor will be okay with that and that I can have wonderful results like you. :) 


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