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Looking for some opinions (re:extra curriculars)

This year I had DD in dance class which she loved. It was only 45 min once a week. Next year, she wants to play soccer, which is great, but I'd also like to keep her in dance. Soccer is only for a few months. Next year, she will also be in pre-school twice a week for a couple hours. She's either at home or with my mom the other time.

Do you think it's too much to have her in two activities? Part of me thinks yes, but the other part of me thinks no. I was thinking about trying to enroll her in dance after soccer season is over but they might not have room, and even if they did, she would be behind. (next year is also tap which is new to her)


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Re: Looking for some opinions (re:extra curriculars)

  • I think it depends on how often there are soccer practices.  I would imagine at her age they would be once a week with weekend games, which I don't think is too much.  I played soccer through college, so I'm biased and totally think you should put her in soccer :)

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  • I don't thikn its too much for her, but I think you need to think about whether its too much for your family - what other obligations will you have for DS or DD2?  And, also the costs for each.

    Start thinking too about what you will do the following year when she wants to do dance, soccer, gynastics and Daisies too, kwim?  I'd also make sure the parents running these things aren't nutso w/ no life outside their kids sports activities.

    FWIW - Ella's in ballet at daycare and swim lessons on the weekend.  They do gymboree/tumbling type thing at school too and ballet is year round at school.  I think in the Fall, we'll stay in the school ballet program and probably do gynastics or kids yoga (!) on the weekends.  She doesn't know much about soccer yet, but we may look at the following year.  I know when she figures out horseback riding is an option, we might have to look into that too.

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