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What can I take for chest congestion?

Any ideas? My OB has a whole list of safe meds online, but it doesn't cover chest congestion at all. Actually, it does say Robitussin is okay. Would that help with chest congestion? It's listed on my OB site as okay for sinus congestion. Help!

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Re: What can I take for chest congestion?

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    I took mucinex to help. My dr was also suggesting grape juice when I was really badly sick because the antioxidants help a lot and so do the vitamins
  • I've had a bad cold for a week and been really congested.   I bought a waterless vaporizer and it has been a lifesaver.  It's, and plugs in wherever you are and uses the Vick's Vapopads.  I got it at target for $12 and it has definitely been worth it.  It's the only thing that has allowed me to get a few hours of sleep with this cold.  
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  • My doctor said Vick's Vaporub was okay to use.
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