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Pictures right after birth...

So I was at my SIL's work yesterday and we were looking at old pictures on her laptop. We were looking at her pictures from when she gave birth to her daughter and how her boyfriend, at the time, hogged the little girl so much that it was 25 minutes after the birth that my SIL FINALLY got to hold her baby. (Over my dead body.. lol) Anyway, our "rule" is that we have one hour with DS after he gets here. I don't want everyone in there until after I have had my quality time with my son and my husband and given the chance to start breastfeeding. Well, the SIL threw a major fit over it. She said that I will regret not having those moments caught on camera. She even has video (which consist mainly my MIL talking...) but she said the pictures mean a lot. I don't want anyone but me and DH during labor.. so do I have any options?  I guess I could have someone on stand by that could rush in, maybe? Any other opinions on this?

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Re: Pictures right after birth...

  • My doctor was happy to snap a couple shots of me, DH, and Ben the first time I held him.  I'm sure the nurses would do the same if your doc is busy or you're not comfortable asking.  We didn't have family come in until almost two hours after the birth (they were in the waiting room, but I had some complications so they just had to sit and wait it out), but we still got those special "first moments" shots.

  • Have DH take some pictures. Ask a nurse or midwife to get a shot of the three of you. You don't need excited family rushing in to capture memories. I'll back up your SIL on the fact that those pictures will be more precious to you than you can think of now. It is such an incredibly monumental moment and you are mentally in a whole other place. It is really nice to have something to look back at - something physical of those first moments. I couldn't believe how sentimental and emotional I was one year later looking at the pictures of the moments right after she slipped into our lives and changed us forever. Holy crap, I'm welling up just thinking about it...
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    Photography is super important to me, but this is one instance where I'm not super concerned with getting photos.  Right after the birth, I want time to just quietly bond with the baby and DH.  We are planning to call our family right after the birth and because they live 2 hours away, we know that will give us at least a few hours of "just us" before they all start showing up.

    I'm sure DH will grab a few photos of me with baby, and I'll grab some of him as well.  But mostly, I want that first 1-2 hours of bonding with the baby and nursing, that is my priority.

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  • My plan is the same as yours. My mom keeps telling me that I need pictures of DS as soon as he comes out... the first cry, etc. - I'm not super sentemental, so I dont think thats a big deal.

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  • We aren't having anyone at the hospital. My husband is handy enough with a camera that he can get pictures of the baby. And our digital camera has a video option if he wants to take a quick baby's-first-moments video. No crotch shots though... Yikes.

    Your husband can probably take some pictures, and if you asked, one of the nurses would probably take one of all three of you together.

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  • I really think you should take at least a couple pictures during those first few moments - like another poster said, you'll be so glad you have them. But you don't need to back down on not allowing visitors for the first little while. We didn't have any visitors in the hospital the first time around, and the second time my mom didn't come until several hours after the birth, but between my husband, myself, and a couple family pictures taken by one of the nurses, we have plenty to look back on and I'm so glad to have them. There's one in particular of the first time I saw DS #2 (he was a c/s, like DS #1), and it gets me choked up every time I see it. It's a moment I'll never forget, but to have it also captured in a photograph is so special. You and your husband will be able to bond AND take turns taking a couple pictures at the same time.

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  • I have been told multiple times that the nurses will be more than happy to grab your camera and take pictures for you.  I have been told this by nurses so that's our plan.  I love pictures, but I have a feeling DH and I will be so focused on the baby and so excited, we won't be upset if we miss photos of those first few moments.
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  • imagekitchencolors:

    My two cents... the photos/video might be super important, but to me establishing BF is a million times more important.  If we want photos, DH can take some, and our camera has a timer if we want some of all three of us.  No one else will be coming in the room or holding our LO until we've really had a chance to try feeding.  If that means no one else is around for a few hours, so be it.

    I think that one of the results of digital cameras is that people can be so into documenting every single second with a photo or video that it's easy to forget to be present.

    If you have someone who you feel can come in and be un-intrusive and you want them there to take pictures, that could be a good option.  Maybe talk to the person ahead of time about the fact that you want them there to take a few photos, and that visiting time will be later. Seems like it would need to be the right person, but could work.

    All of this. My lactation consultant urged me to minimize vistors at the hospital. You should be focused on BFing (if you plan to BF) and not worry about anyone else besides you and your new family.

    The second bolded statement applies to my ILs. They focus way too much on pictures IMO. Every family event has to be a photo shoot. Honestly, they have a zillion photos in the exact same pose with these frozen faces at different events. I really don't see the point. I think it's more important to enjoy the moment than worry about pictures.  I'd regret not being fully present in the moment of my child's birth more than I would reget not having a picture.

    And what is up with relatives needing exposure to the new baby RIGHT NOW? I see all these posts about family being in the delievery room, the waiting room, coming to stay with the new family as soon as they get home, seeing pictures the second s/he's born. FFS it's a baby. It'll be a baby for more than ten minutes. I've been the one that's been carrying this child and people can wait to see her, or photograph her, til I'm damn good and ready. I guess maybe I'm alone in feeling this way?

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  • I think it's your choice. I personally don't want anybody taking snap shots while I'm trying to bond with LO. I'm ok with snap shots of LO getting cleaned up and checked out, but when I'm  finally holding her I want to be focused on her and not have that lingering feeling of "oh god, I look terrible" (vain I know, but I just pushed a baby out can I at least get a shower before you start taking my picture?!).

    I don't think you will loose anything if you take that first hour with your LO to bond. I also don't think that you will regret your decision, you will have pics as soon as you're ready for them, and no matter what moment of life they capture, you will treasure ALL of the pics of your LO (even when they are 30).

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  • Danaz1Danaz1
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    I love pictures and they didn't allow them during the birth but right after DH took them of DD get weighed and my first moments with her.  Here is one of me and DD a few minutes after she was born.


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  • I don't want anyone in the delivery room besides me and DH and I definitely want an hour of bonding time/breastfeeding time before we let the family in.  My DH is going to go out and get everyone when we are ready and he can take pictures himself right after the delivery and I'm sure the hospital staff nurses etc. will take a few of both of us with the baby.  I think being able to bond with your newborn will mean more than the photos, personally. 
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