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HSG today... Yowza!

Finally got to have my HSG today, and, can I say...  OUCH!  My doctor had to use forceps to hold my cervix in place (ow!) and also had to use this pointy plastic stick to get thru the opening between my cervix and ute (double ow!) because the catheter kept bending instead of just going thru.  Has this happened to anyone?  I asked if my cervix was abnormally narrow, and he said no.  Now I'm wondering if it will be a problem for the sperm to get thru.  I realize they are tiny, but just curious if anyone knows anything about that.

My tubes were beautifully clear, so yay for that, but I'm just really irritated down there now!  How long before I can have sex?  Not that I would even want to anytime soon, but just wondering what your doc told you about that! 

ETA I am re-reading the question about the sperm and realize now how stupid it sounds! 

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Re: HSG today... Yowza!

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    Don't feel bad - we've all wondered/posted some really dumb things, it's just part of the process. Glad it went well! Hope you feel better soon! :)
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    Yes, this happened to me too for the HSG. I also had this problem with the IUI. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Dr. said everything was fine though.
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    I was really sore from my HSG as well. I nearly jumped off the table when my doctor clamped down on my cervix. I don't remember when I had sex again, but I'm sure it was soon after, but probably not that day. I hope you feel better soon!

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    I did this twice.  Waited a day and had sex afterwards.  I had the cervix clamp used for the 2nd HSG.  Exceptionally unpleasant.  Congrats for the clear tubes!!!

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