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XP:Bike trailer

I just bought myself a new bicycle and we are looking to buy a double bike trailer so we can take DD out on bicycle rides with us. Does anyone have any recommendations for a bike trailer?

I've see a few on Amazon that I'm interested in but they range from $90 to $200. We'll be on paved paths and I can't see us using it more than once a weekend for about 10 or so miles. I don't want to spend an outrageous amount since it won't get an extreme amount of use, but I want something that will last through 2 kids and a moderate amount of bike rides.


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Re: XP:Bike trailer

  • JKohioJKohio member
    Have you considered buying one from someone locally off Craigslist? We bought our Wike trailer for a steal from a CL poster. I want to say it was $50 or $75 (for a trailer that would retail new close to $300). So far, it's been great. IMO, it's much better to buy a high quality trailer secondhand than a cheapie one new.
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  • Agreed with the second hand. I've got a Chariot I'd recommend to anyone. I don't like the Little Tikes trailer at all. Get a quality one used and you won't be disappointed.
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  • Thanks! I've been looking at the InStep models, but from all the responses i've gotten on here and FB it seems like either a used Burley or Chariot is the way to go.
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