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Just for fun...

Did any of you second time plus moms ever take the chinese gender predictor test and have it turn out right? I took it for DS and it said he was going to be a boy! This time it says I'll be having a girl. Guess there's a 50/50 chance :0)

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Re: Just for fun...

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    I did that for my last pg .... it said it was suppose to be a boy but it ended up being a girl... but it's all in fun anyways right? :) .... this time around it said that's suppose to be a girl so we will see.... 
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    last pregnancy it said i was having a girl and i had a girl.  this pregnancy it says another girl...few more weeks we will find out, yay!
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    Last pregnancy it said girl, and DS is very much a boy.

    This time it says girl as well.

    BFP 12/19/08- DS born 8/25/09 9lbs2oz via Zavanelli Maneuver
    BFP 8/26/11- Missed miscarriage discovered 10/19/11 at 11w2d, measured at 9 weeks gestation w/ no HB. D&C 10/21/11
    BFP 3/17/12 at 12dpo CP 3/21/12
    BFP 4/23/12 at 10dpo Stick my little one! Beta #1: 83.3 @ 13dpo Beta #2: 197.7 @ 15dpo
    Our little man is getting bigger every day!
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    50/50... DD was supposed to be a boy and so was DS according to that
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    Chinese gender predictor was right on for me last time and I was team green!
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    DD was supposed to be a girl and this next one is supposed to be a girl so we will see
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    I did it last time and got boy, which was clearly wrong, lol.  This time around it's giving me boy again...  we shall see :)
    TTC #2 since 2/2010 DX PCOS BFP #1 4/1/08, DD born 12/5/08 BFP #2 2/3/12, m/c 2/14/12 BFP #3 4/27/12 EDD 12/31/12 Hoping for a sticky baby! Lilypie Pregnancy tickers Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Minus the shed, perfect pic web
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