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The universe does not want me to take vacation!

I am so irritated right now! In January we missed an entire day of vacation in Dominican because of ice storms. Tonight, as our cab was pulling up to take us to the airport our flight to Florida was cancelled. 

Seriously, this weather sucks. We now land in Florida 45 minutes before my cousins' graduation. We will make it, but I have to change on the airplane now.

However, US Airways made this painless. Continental (in January) took over 2 hours to get us on a new flight, US Airways had it done by the time I called in and were super apologetic.

Now that I have an extra night, I am making DH take me out! 

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Re: The universe does not want me to take vacation!

  • klgrh6klgrh6 member

    I understand how you feel...however one of your planned trips actually worked out. Mine both failed. We were supposed to celebrate our 1 year anniversary/babymoon in March but money got tight since I didn't work much due to company hour cuts. Now we were supposed to go to Michigan at the end of June for a wedding but due to my high blood pressure and placenta issues we've been told not to travel. We're planning to act like tourist in our own city but it would have been nice to get away. I'm alittle jealous of everyone vacationing.

    Hope the rest of your trip goes as planned and enjoy your date with DH.

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  • hmp1hmp1 member

    I hate that. I have had my fair share of doomed vacations.

    We were supposed to honeymoon in St Martin and St Barts but a hurricane hit the islands 2 days before the wedding. No electricity, beaches closed. We scrabbled the day after the wedding to reschedule a new trip to Cabo. Bright side, we got to plan our honeymoon location based off of who was having good weather for the week.

    A year later, we were all set to go to Nuevo Vallarta for a week. The week before, the swine flu outbreak was in full force in Mexico. My company sent out an alert that any associate that travels to Mexico had to take 7 days incubation period before returning to work. I didn't want to take 2 weeks vacation so we rescheduled.  Luckily, American Airlines was letting people change their flight for free so we went to Florida instead. Second day in FL, DH broke his elbow while skim boarding.

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