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We are team......

Pink.... I guess.... went to my u/s. Tech said it was a girl, but seemed to be iffy about it. She said she was going off from what she currently could see. Baby did not want to cooperate, the tech had to push around for a while to try to pry open the baby's legs. My hubby said i guess lets take it as her being a girl and we'll just wait a bit longer until our regular doc gives us the final word. So I'm a bit sad just cuz we dont feel sure 100%

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  • hopefully you find out soon for 100%. I find out June 21 and it can't come fast enough.. :)


  • Well congrats on team PINK!!! Kinda sucks that you dont know for 100% though. I was so scared of this but apparently my baby wasnt shy at all. Hopefully you get the confirmation soon!!!

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  • Congrats!!  I don't think they're ever 100% sure.  When we went for the elective US our tech said girl and that she was 95% sure.  She seemed very confident though.  We have a US photo that definitely looks "girl".  Did they give you one?  If so, have you compared it to US photos online?
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