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Washing new diapers - color bleeding??

I'm just getting around to washing my stash so that I can get it put away for baby.  I have a mix of all different colors of diapers.  The ones that are bright colors recommend washing separately 6 times to avoid color bleeding.  How well do I need to separate them??  Does each color need to be washed separately?  Or can blues go with greens, reds with oranges, etc?  I don't want to ruin my new dipes! TIA!
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Re: Washing new diapers - color bleeding??

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    I've never washed diapers separately to avoid bleeding.  All fabrics should've been pre-washed.  I've even asked diaper makers about this before to make sure I didn't ruin diapers and they said it isn't necessary.  What brand did you buy?
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  • They're Bumgenius.  The zinnia, dazzle, moonbeam, and sassy all had stickers on them advising to wash separately at first. :-/
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  • I received my bumgenius order today and was about to post the same question! Washing the dark covers 6 times seems excessive. But at the same time I don't want to worry about color bleeding. Hopefully someone can offer advice on this!
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  • I've never washed my BG diapers seperate and I've had no problems. 
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  • I had bleeding once, with an Oh Katy diaper. It's red and a few little streaks of red ended up on both of the microfiber inserts. It wasn't too bad and I was able to get the stains 95% out by sunning them.

    I only have a light green BG and haven't had any problems with it bleeding.

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  • I was wondering the same thing....I wonder if it would hurt if I threw in a shout color catcher sheet??
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  • I have yet to wash my BGs separately. I read the warning when I was prepping but took my chances. All was well. :) I just didn't have that kind of time or energy.
  • I wash all different colors and prints. No bleeding yet. We have every print and color of BG+ Oh Katys and Cosmic Tots Bots (black).
  • I washed my sassy and mirror flips with all the rest of my diapers that I just prepped a couple of weeks ago.  I put in a few shout color catchers with the load, so that might of helped though they didn't really have much color on them when I took them out.

    I did wash my new orange and pomegranate tots bots separately because I had read that the pomegranate one had bled for people.  The color catcher was definitely reddish when I finished the load.  I have also read about the zinnia bleeding, so I would probably wash that one separately and get some shout color catchers to throw in with the other ones.  I also used some of these when I washed my baby clothes because I was worried about colors running, and didn't have any problems.

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  • Update: I decided to play it safe with the red/purple dipes and washed them separately the first few washes.  Glad I did because the insert portions of the Dazzle BG freetimes were definitely stained a really light purple after washing.  Kind of wish I'd used the color catcher things, but I guess it doesn't matter since you don't see that part...
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