3rd Trimester

Yay!!! Baby Dayton has arrived!!!

So I officaly turned into a May momma instead of a June momma. Baby Dayton arrived May 26th @ 4:06 pm after just 12 hrs. of active labor. I had my cerclage removed May 17th and the following wednesday went in for contractions and was sent home after being monitored for 10 hours. I went home and had contractions on and off for 2 days until finally saturday morning at 3:00 they started to become more regular and about 7 min. apart. I got ready and by 3:30 they were 5 min. apart so we got our things into the car and by the time we pulled out of the driveway they were 3 min. apart (thank god the hospital is only 5 min. away). I was checked and dialated to 6 and admitted. It was a very peaceful labor, for me at least. My hsuband kept the drama hidden from me because apparently our mothers all of a sudden had a problem with sitting in the waiting room while I pushed even tho they knew months in advance they were not welcome to watch the "show". But he kept everything in control for me and I knew of nothing until we were released from the hospital. But now we are all home and trying to get into the swing of things. We love our new addition more than anything, even tho I am struggling with the fact baby is no longer in my belly and I am sad about it because this will be my last baby. Well GL to all you mommas take care and I hope you all have fast peaceful deliveries and happy healthy LO's.

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