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Does the wild arm ever go away?

Lately I've been a little frustrated with DS's wild arm while breastfeeding.  Whichever arm is on top is constantly in motion.  It flails around, knocking my boob out of his mouth, pinching, grabbing at his eyes, and seems to just make nursing hard for him!  Plus he is more distracted lately so I feel like he is constantly unlatching and/or getting knocked off the boob by his crazy arm!  I know he's just becoming more aware of his surroundings and his arm is gaining more control, but sheesh, it sure is making nursing one heck of a challenge lately.  I love nursing him when he's sleepy because that darn arm stays down and he can eat without that pest arm!  Is this just as phase or does it just get more challenging as they get older?
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Re: Does the wild arm ever go away?

  • I'm hoping a phase, because DS2 does that too!  Sometimes he knocks me in the face or scratches my chest.  It's pesky, but kinda funny from time to time.
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  • One thing I remember my mom telling my sisters when their girls were babies, was to hold their hand when feeding them.  Makes them feel secure.  So I do it.  We have nary a flail.
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  • My son does the same thing! I hope it's a phase! I am making a nursing necklace to hopefully help!
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  • This sounds just like DS who is the same age! I hold his hand and play with it and it seems to be working. But, if the dog or DH walks in the room it's all over.

  • My DD used to do this. I finally started giving her an A&A blanket to hold/rub while I was nursing her (I kept one in every room I think). I would constantly redirect her hand to the blanket. It took a little while but she got to where she would just play with the blanket. Now she LOVES the blankets and she still "searches" for it with her hand while I nurse her. She plays peak-a-boo with them, teeths on them, and snuggles them. They also comfort her when she is away from me. All this to say... maybe a lovey or blanket would work?

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  • PatternPattern member
    My LO does this still... he likes to put his hand in my mouth too... I have to find a calm quiet room, this helps. GL
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  • My DD does that too, especially when she's wide awake, like you said. Sometimes I try holding her hand, or letting her reach for my fingers and then gently holding her arm down.  I also put a blanket over her shoulder and let her play with the blanket, which stops me from getting hit.  She also likes to reach up and touch my hair when it's down, so I try to have a hair tie on my wrist on the weekends so I can pull it up. 

    I'm not sure if it's just a phase, but I know DD seems to be so much more interested in everything lately.  And like your LO she also nurses best when she's a little tired b/c she'll focus on the boob and nothing else. 

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  • kel716kel716 member
    For us, the wild arm (and legs) starts just before she falls asleep.  I just kind of hug her while she's eating and this calms her down. 
  • Ohh I remember that! Yes, it does go least it did for us.  I can't tell you when, because I had all but forgotten about it, but it does.
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  • Yeah, my son did it, and now my daughter does it.  I actually think it's funny:D
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  • My son did that unless he had a blanket to hold on to, for us je out grew that but as he got older he'd try to look around while latched and that hurt. 
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  • I second the suggestion of a blanket to play with. Except that is a new problem for me, especially when DS is sleepy. He loves to play with his A&A blanket by pulling some fabric and dropping it behind him little by little. (Sorry, I know that doesn't make sense - it's like he thinks he's a magician pulling on a never ending scarf.)

    When I don't catch it in time it falls on the floor and he is desperately grabbing for more. Picking it up disrupts him and the sleepy process has to start over. If I hold on to it too much he can't pull it the way he likes and he's disrupted. I have to be very vigilant at bedtime!

  • I laughed when I saw the subject line, b/c I knew exactly what you meant. We are going through the same thing too. But it's more like she is punching herself in the stomach! Ow!
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  • DD settles right down if I hold her hand.  She wraps her little hand around my thumb and pulls it close to her and that's the end of it.  If I don't let her do that, then it's constantly flailing.
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  • Mine holds on tightly to my bra like "give me milk now". He used to have his arm all over though. He's two months now.
  • Lol not really DS has taken to patting me when he eats. Sometimes I'll just hold his hand. 
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  • DD traded the wild arm with kicking legs.
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