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Drying Woes. Fabric Freshening?

I'm on a roll tonight, sorry to be a PW.

Now that the weather is nice I decided to dry my diapers in the backyard on a rack.  I brought them in this afternoon and they STINK.  Not a poop stink, I guess it's best described as a very strong outside smell (kind of bordering on wormy 'after the rain' smell).  But it was sunny today with a moderate breeze.  DH says I need to wash the diapers again tomorrow and put them in the dryer because it's gross.

Now, our next door neighbor has a bunch of wood in his backyard.  They are huge, thick beams kind of sitting in a pile.  I'm assuming he might be using them for a deck but they have been there since the fall!  They have a strong smell coming from them (maybe it's an untreated wood smell?  I have no idea) it borders on chemical but DH says it's the smell of raw wood.  Either way it's terrible.

So I need fabric freshening options that won't destroy my diapers or I am doomed to use the inside dryer forever.   

Re: Drying Woes. Fabric Freshening?

  • Sorry I don't have any ideas about fabric fresheners, but I do have an alternative for you - line dry the diapers indoors. If you have a fan going (ceiling or floor) they will be dry in no time!

    (As for the neighbor's wood, if the smell you describe is the same one I'm imagining, it's that from treated wood. The chemicals often smell horrendous.)


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