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Letter to my baby

Hey everyone,

Awhile back I wrote a post about the dilemma of whether or not to go to baby showers that my friends are now starting to have.  I wanted to thank all the lovely ladies that responded to my post.  Your encouraging comments really helped me to feel less alone in how I was feeling.  The responses also meant a great deal to my DH.  At his suggestion I am posting a link to the letter that I wrote our child the day after I miscarried.  Sharing this has really helped me through the healing process and I believe all of you will be able to relate to the feelings I was having when I wrote it, and the feelings that still have.

 Again, thank you so much for your kind words!  This is a great community full of wonderful people.



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    I am sorry, I just couldn't get through reading the letter.  It was too much for me but I am glad it has helped you in the healing process
  • :) It's ok, it more helps me just to share my feelings, rather than hold in.  Thanks for trying!
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  • I could definitely relate, thank you for sharing.
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    Very Blessed

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  • Thank you for sharing. Im so very sorry for your loss.

    & if its not too personal, may I ask how you were able to hold your baby in the picture at the end of the post? Did you have a d&c or natural mc? As heartbreaking as the photo is I would have given anything to see my baby like that. 

    BFP 3.28.12
    missed m/c @ 9w5d, baby measured 8w1d, no h/b
    D&C 5.23.12
  • I'm so glad you got a photo of your baby. I was judging myself too harshly for wanting to take one. I thought other people would think it was weird and now I kick myself every d*** day for not doing it. Crying sooo hard. <3 Bless you.
  • Hi TaylorCristen,

    I had a natural MC.  Luckily I was at home when it happened. My symptoms had been building for a week or so, and when I actually had the baby it fell into the toilet with the placenta attached and I was able to get it out with a cup.  Having the picture is very comforting for me.  When I got the ultrasound that confirmed there was no heart beat the doctor acted shocked that I would want to have a copy of the that also.  No matter how short of a time the baby lived, it is still my baby, and it didn't seem abnormal to me to want something to remember it by.  

     If you don't mind me asking did you have a natural miscarriage?

  • Rachelizzie,

    I think one thing that gave me the strength to take a picture of my baby was the fact that I had seen a photo of someone else's on a blog (that person had her MC at 6w).  That's another reason that I wanted to share mine with you all.  If we know someone else did it, it makes it less taboo.  I'm so sorry that you didn't get a picture of your baby.  I 100% encourage anyone who has lost a child to get a photograph before laying them to rest.  You may not be able to look at it for days, weeks, or even years after the loss, but at some point in time it will be a comfort to know some part of them is still with you. 


  • TaylorCristen,

    Sorry should have read your signature. Tongue Tied

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