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totally lost help please

hi everyone,

the hubby and i decided to start TTC i got off of BC just last month so wasn't getting my hopes up for the first month of trying since i was on the pill for about seven years. anyway the very last month on BC i somehow ended up with about a two week long AF not a clue what happened there so i wasnt really sure when i would get AF without the pills although i was pretty regular before the pill. lone story short i was about three days late when i finally got very little spotting over not even a whole day. decided to take a test to to check and it came out negative. i can feel a little cramps sometimes but thats it. has this happened to anyone else? im so new to this i dont know if i should be worried or not lol. any info would be much appreciated

thanks so much!

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Re: totally lost help please

  • No reason to worry, your body is regulating.  Give it a few months.
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    No reason to worry, your body is regulating.  Give it a few months.



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  • Thanks for replying so fast too!! I was hoping that was what it was but didn't have anyone to ask... were not telling anyone were trying didn't want any added pressure. and my DH was totally use less when it came to this stuff he just listens with a blank face lol gotta love him but really thanks you calmed my nerves a bit :)
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  • It is totally normal to have weird symptoms after stopping BCPs (cramping, backache, headache, etc.). It can take some time for your body to adjust and regulate. I didn't get my period for 50 days right after I stopped BCPs. 
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    Getting off BCP stinks. My first cylce off was normal and my second cycle went over two months with no period. It will get better just give it some time. GL!

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