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Microfleece liners--help!

I got microfleece from a fabric store to make liners for my cloth diapers.

I cut them, then washed and dried once. (warm/hot temps)

So I have just tested one out.  Everything I read beforehand said that microfleece would allow liquid to pass through, leaving the fleece dry.  The way I tested was to lay the liner over the diaper, squirt water on and apply pressure with my hand.  When squirted the liquid beads.  I press down with my hand and it just causes the liquid to soak in.  The microfleece feels wet to the touch (however, if I turn the microfleece over it is dry on the opposite side).  How is this supposed to keep my baby feeling dry if the side he pees on will stay wet?

Re: Microfleece liners--help!

  • If the water is beading up and not going through the fabric it may need washed again. I've never really had that problem with micro fleece though.

    Try putting them in his diaper and check to see if his skin feels dry to the touch afterwards. The fleece may feel wet, but his skin should feel dry. Does that make sense?

  • Well, it beads up initially but I guess that is expected without any weight or pressure on it.  And when I press down with my palm it does absorb, but the fleece feels wet to the touch.  I just feel like that won't be comfortable to sit in.  It seems to me that my diapers feel drier--I have pul pockets with microfiber inserts and it seems to take a lot for them to feel really wet.

    One main reason I made them is to help with poops.  I am hoping that the liners will help me avoid some staining once his poop firms up--I know it will likely be of no help while we are still in the EBF orange explosion stage... lol.

  • It can't hurt to give them a try since you already made and prepped them. Like pp said, see what your LOs bum looks/feels like afterward. 
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