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Car mirrors to keep an eye on baby?

Any good suggestions that would work well in a BMW X5?  We are registering at BuyBuyBaby.  Thanks!
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Re: Car mirrors to keep an eye on baby?

  • DGandDGDGandDG member

    I have something basic like the one in the link below and I drive a Ford Edge. It easily attached to the headrest on the passenger side. I imagine you have rear headrests as well, so if you are planning on putting the car seat in a spot with a headrest, something like that should work fine. 

  • We have an Ford Escape... We have a Britax mirror which Buy Buy Baby carries, It is very simple and it attaches around the head rest. To me it needs to blend in so it is not distracting when you drive and check the blind spot. It took me awhile to get used to having a mirror there period. 

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