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Two questions

So its been 3 years since ive nursed a baby and can't remember how it works exactly. If i nurse baby right side first, then left which side would I start with the next time? And is the answer the same if he didn't fully finish nursing on the last side?

And my other question is how much am I suppose to be eating a day? I have a 4 year old and a 4 day old and somehow in all of that I keep forgetting to eat. I know I need to eat for my supply so does anyone have a calorie count of how much I need to be eating a day. Everyone keeps telling me to eat when im hungry but im really not hungry. So I figured maybe if I had a number goal that would make things easier. 

Re: Two questions

  • I usually always offer the 2nd breast, even if she seemed done. Just always offer. If she doesn't take it, then yes - I give her the other side at the next feeding.

    Also, I aim to eat around 1800-2000 per day (and still have managed to lose weight). I didn't seem hungry for about the first month, either, but it'll pick up. :)

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  • I only ever feed from one side so I'm not sure on your first question. But I do know it takes an extra 300 cal a day to bf. I'm always hungry so I don't forget to eat but try eating when ever you feed your older child or snack while bfing to keep your supply up.
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