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multiple OB's??

First of all I'm a FTM. I go to a women's clinic so I was just wondering if any other ladies have to see all the OB's in their office so that when you go into labor the on call dr. will come in and will be familiar with them. I don't know if this a normal or not. But I'm not too crazy about the idea. There are 4-5 OBGYN's in this clinic. 
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Re: multiple OB's??

  • From what I've heard that's pretty standard....I intentionally picked a practice with only 2 OBs, so that I would feel like we knew each other really well before the big day comes (I rotate appointments between the two of them).
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  • That's pretty normal. With DS I was with a midwifery practice and saw all three midwives equally-ish.

    This time with a dedicated FP doctor, so I only see her.

    Well, except at 36 weeks I have to see an OB to be cleared for VBAC.

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  • I'm a FTM and that is how it is at my doctor's office.
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  • My OB with DS (we've moved) had multiple Drs. but we did not have to meet all of them. This time, we do. There are only 3 so it's not bad.
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  • My office has 5 OBs that deliver plus another 4 that are obgyn but don't deliver anymore. I've met all 5 that deliver and like them all so I have no issues with it. 
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  • My doctor's office has 6 doctors and they recommend that you meet all of them at least once over the course of your pregnancy, but they don't force it on you. Since I already know all the doctors from my first pregnancy, I just make appointments with whomever has the most convenient appointment times. I think it's nice if the first time you meet your delivering OB isn't while you're in active labor.


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  • My MW office is that way.  I really like it.  I only have a 1/5 chance of getting the MW I'm not crazy about during labor (I absolutely love the other 4).  Last time my EDD was right around Thanksgiving, so when I was only seeing one GP, I was worried she might be out of town for delivery and I'd end up with whoever was on call.  This way I'll for sure have met whoever is on call when I go into labor.
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  • mom2skhmom2skh member

    It is like that at my office, and it is pretty common.  I have seen all of the 4 OB's so far and continue to see all of them until the last month so that I can get familiar with all of them.  As you mentioned, it is so you have met the other OB's in case yours isn't available/on call the day you deliver.

    I was happy to have met all of the OB's in my office, because with DD even tho my OB stripped my membranes 36 hours before she went on call in hopes that I would go into labor and she could deliver me (a few days until my due date), my little stubborn darling sat there for another week.  I ended up going into labor with one of the other OB's on call and despite my OB trying to come in to deliver me, DD came so fast the on call OB had to deliver her.  I was glad to at least know the other one before she just walked in the room and delivered me! :)

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  • Normal.

    My last Obs office there were only 2 docs in the practice.

    This new office there's a TON between the 7 or 8 OBs and the nurse practitioners I haven't seen the same person twice. 

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  • My OB's office is similar. There are 2 doctors and a nurse that "rotate" through with my appointments. I haven't met one of the doctors yet though because her schedule is really tight.

     The thing I don't like about my office is they are "linked" with another doctors office (which I do not go to) of 3 doctors I won't meet or have appointments with, but all potentially could be the doctor on call when I go into labor. So I have a better chance of getting one I have never met before than getting one of my doctors.

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  • Yes, this is standard & makes complete sense to me. My practice has 5 OBGYNs & with both pregnancies, I have had to see all the doctors. It definitely made me feel more comfortable when it came time to L&D, knowing the doctor who was going to be delivering my baby!

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  • That's pretty standard.  However, after last time, my main OB has promised to deliver this LO and has told he that he has no plans of leaving town in September.  I'm very grateful!  I think if I ended up with another OB in deliver who I've yelled at more than once...I might hurt someone!
  • I don't understand why you woldn't want to meet all of them.  What happens if your ob isn't on call when you go into labor?  Wouldn't you feel more comfortable with someone you've at least met? 

    It's very common practice.

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  • Yes, my practice is this way as well. We have 4OB's 1MW and 1 NP. I have to see them all throughout my pregnancy. The only downfall, I feel is that I don't get to develop a real relationship with anyone of them. Then again it won't be an unfamiliar face walking into the delivery room when that time comes.

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  • My practice in FL had 10 (!!!) OBs that delivered.  I hated that idea, so when we moved, I went to a Dr who had 2.  Turns out, they do a "call share" with another practice one weekend a month (I was never told this).  When I went into labor, it was their "call share" weekend, so a random dr I'd never met delivered DS#2.  At first, I was PISSED, but by the time the Dr got there, I didn't care if it was the janitor - I just wanted the baby OUT.

     Long story short - if you go to a small practice, I would ask about call sharing.  I switched to midwives this time (YAY) and I KNOW one of them will deliver me, not a stranger.

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  • Good to know its normal. I have only met 3 so far and only like 1 of them. 
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