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First words

Just wondering if/when your LOs said the  first words.
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Re: First words

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    Chase spoke for the first time at 12 months 3 days.  We were hanging out with my Father in law, who was holding Chase.  I walked up to them and Chase looked up at me, raised up his arms and said "Mama."  Two minutes later, he crawled up to DH's chair, pulled himself up to standing against the chair and said "Dada."  I'm convinced he was practicing when we weren't paying attention so that he could wow us both at the same time.
    Chase was born 4/23/2011
    Carlene was born 4/18/2014                          A14 siggy challenge:  Junk Food
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  • Babbled mama baba dada consisently starting at around 6.5 mos. She knew what it meant at around 11 mos. She said no, bird and milk at around 13 mos and then took off saying lots of stuff at 14 mos.
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