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Critique my stash, please (FTM)!

As my due date is getting closer, I'm starting to worry that I won't have enough diapers! 

Here's what I have so far:

24 green mountain orange edge newborn prefolds

12 osocozy infant size prefolds

10 NB sized covers (3 bummis super whisper wraps, 3 litewraps, 4 bummis super snap wraps)

3 snappis 

21 OS diapers (6 FB elite, 3 BG 4.0, 3 alva baby, 3 awesome blossoms, 3 lotus bumz, 3 smart bottoms)

36 cloth wipes

8 small hemp inserts

My question is, should I add some fitteds and AIOs to the mix for nighttime? 

Also, should I order more FB elites? The cloth diaper class I took and the store where I bought my diapers highly suggested the FB elites. They are on sale right now for $3.50 less than the in store price, and free shipping.

Thank you everyone for your help! 


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Re: Critique my stash, please (FTM)!

  • I wouldn't order anymore OS diapers until you try out what you have when your LO is big enough and decide what you really like.

    3 dozen prefolds should be good for the NB stage, but you might want to consider picking up some fitteds for quick changes. What sizes are your covers? I found Bummis NB covers only fit for 2 weeks and had much better luck with Thirsties XS covers being trim but fitting for over 2 months. And personally - snap covers are not going to get you the custom fit aplix will, and NB can't remove the aplix anyways. We never used our snap covers during the NB phase. 

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  • They are all NB sized covers. Thank you for your input, will have to add some thirsties to my mix. Didn't even think about the snaps not giving a custom fit on a tiny newborn.
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  • Detergent, small wetbags (2), pail liners (2) That way you can use one and wash one.  Wait to order more diapers to see if you like what you have first.  Me personally, I would buy another dozen or even two dozen cloth wipes.  I use them all the time.  I keep a bunch in the diaper bag to wipe runny noses, the wet ones (I bought a tiny wet bag to hold wet wipes in) I use to wash hands, faces, my hands.  Love those things.
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