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How long should you wait to have your first OB/GYN appointment for prenatal care? I have known I was pregnant for a few weeks, but won't be able to get an appointment until close  to the end of my  first  trimester. Are there advantages for going in earlier in your pregnancy in comparison to later on?

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  • i think right around 8-10 weeks is about normal to be seen by your OB. but they will have you come in earlier if your a high risk pregnancy or have had misscarriages in the past. and to it all depends on your doc and how they work things. maybe call back and get a run down of how the first apt should go and why you have to wait so long!

    wishing you luck!

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  • what PP said. i think it's pretty normal to not go in until closer to the end of first tri.
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  • Well I was actually referred to the OB office ( which is conveniently located in a children's hospital) after multiple ER visits due to hypermesis ( sp? Idk if I spelled it right). The office is apparently very busy and they actually pushed me up on the appt list due to the issues I am having related  to this but my gal pals  said they had their first appts at 6/7 weeks.. So I wasn't sure.
  • My OB brings you in when you find out for confirmation (urine test) and about a week later to discuss family history. The doctor doesn't actually do an examination until 10 weeks (that is the earliest you can hear a heartbeat with a Doppler). Take a prenatal vitamin and of course contact your doctor if you experience any problems.

    I think about 8 weeks is a normal first appointment. 

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  • I would call now to make your appointment. It may be harder to get in if you wait until 8 weeks to make your first appointment. Mine won't see me until 8 weeks but I had to call early to get my name on the books so to speak.
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  • Personally, I found out at 4 weeks that I was pregnant. I went into the office just to get blood work done to confirm the pregnancy. I had to keep going back until my hCG was over 1000 to schedule my first apt. I had my first prenatal apt w/ ultrasound at 8 weeks (yesterday!). I think it's normal to have the first apt between 8-10 weeks so they can validate the pregnancy via ultrasound and see a HB. If you go too early, you might not be able to see the HB.
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