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BFing the second baby..

My son wanted to nurse constantly until he was 3 months old. Every night he was attached from 5-10pm and on and off all night, during the day he was eating for at least 30 min, every 45 min. He'll be 17 month when the new baby is born. So how do you deal with a baby who wants to nurse constantly while you're chasing around a toddler? I'm terrified of this!

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  • Moby wrap or ring sling, or other type of carrier where you can nurse hands-free?  That's my only idea. 
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  • Mine was lots of help from family!!! It's exhausting, that is for sure!
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    I don't have older kids, but one of the moms in my nursing group suggested buying a small 'activity table' for your LO to sit at near where you will nurse.
    She also has a laundry basket of books, puzzles and old toys that her son doesn't play with that she giftwraps and brings out when she is nursing.

    Another one says she lets her daughter watch lots of Dora and hurls empty threats at her. Mostly they just have to shrug their shoulders because it seems that the kids always want their help right when they are most occupied.


  • I'm very new to this, I have a 19 month old and a 3 week old. Luckily my new lo is a much calmer much easier baby, but evening is still hard.  We watch a lot more Seseame street than before, we've also worked hard on the toddler climbing up and sitting with me. It's hard but we are getting it figured out good luck.
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    making things accessible for him so he can get things himself (diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks etc). Toys and activities in reach and just hanging out in his room or outside and watching him play (at least that works with my boys) they just like me to be near.



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  • DH was on kid duty in the PM when DD was cluster feeding. During the day, I made sure DS1 was situated before sitting down to feed DD.  He was usually nearby with a snack or toy and when he finished he would get a book and sit next to me to read while I finished feeding DD.  I also had a nursing cover and used that when we were out and about b/c we couldn't stay home all the time.  I just made sure DS was belted into the stroller with a snack or toy before I fed DD so that I wasn't chasing him all over. 
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  • A lot of planning!  We have our living room completely toddler proof and it contains every toy he has.  He cannot get out of this room and when I sit down to breast feed, I also grab him a snack.  

    Good luck! 

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  • I have a feeling this is going to be a challenge lol! DH is in the navy so we don't live near family and he'll be working pretty much 24/7 (not even exaggerating!). I guess I'll have my work cut out for me :) I do have a Moby, I never got the hang of nursing with it. I might get a ring sling, I've heard they're good for nursing.
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