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Fussy baby- growth spurt?

My son is a preemie, he's 10.5 weeks but 4.5 adjusted.  He has been very fussy since Tuesday.  Today has been better but still not himself.  He sleeps a ton and is crying a cranky when he isn't.  He is also eating 3 oz every 2 hours, he used to eat 4 oz every 2.5-3 hours.  Today his poop has been a little green (this happened before), he does eat breastmilk.  He does not have a temp.  I am thinking growth spurt?  What do you think?  If so how long did your LO's last and does this sound like it?


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    It could be a growth spurt or maybe something you ate (considering the green poop)? The first growth spurt LO had lasted a very "long" 36 hours... I think he's going through one right now because he has been irrationally upset and cranky. He is never a fussy baby but has been since Monday. I've read growth spurts can last as little as a day or as long as a week. I bet it's a growth spurt and I hope it passes for you soon!
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    Sounds like a growth spurt. They are usually around 3 weeks and 6 weeks and then lots more throughout the first year and even as they get older (just more spaced out after 1 year). They are fussy, hungry all the time and alternate between fighting sleep and sleeping a long time. Usually when they start sleeping a long time more consistently then you know the growth spurt is behind you.

    We are going through the 6 week spurt now a little early. It SUCKS. She catnapped all day for 30 min max each time. Was starving all the time. I can't feed her everything she wants to eat in one sitting either since she will eat to the point of spitting up everything in her tummy. So have to do a little at a time and just do it more times. Lot's of fun. Hopefully she will sleep tonight since she didn't today....

    Good luck!

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  • Sounds like a growth spurt. Green poo can also mean a fore milk/hind milk imbalance if you are breastfeeding but I wouldn't worry about that unless it lasts more than a couple days.
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