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trying to get through the day

So i have had bad morning sickness and got meds and have been ok for 2 weeks with occasional throwing up. then today I cant hold anything down and I feel like i just want to crawl in a corner and cry. I have 1hour and 1/2 left of work trying to tough it out.
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Re: trying to get through the day

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    chew gum. people kept telling me to eat crackers and it was noooo help. minty gum helped a million times more. just pop a piece in when u start to feel sick or if your like me and feel sick 24/7 chew it all day!

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    My MS hasn't been a strictly morning occurrence. I've been getting it at all times of day. If I'm feeling sick I do the BRAT diet- Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.


    Man, trying to get through work has been a battle of wills, especially because I'm not telling them for a while. I took enough time off when I first found out that I can't take any more sick days without being extremely suspicious.

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