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Breastfeeding and antidepressants...can you do both?

I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant and plan to breastfeed.  Before getting pregnant I was on Celexa for depression/anxiety issues.  I asked my OB today about going back on it after I deliver, and she said I would need to ask my pediatrician about it.  Now I am scared that he might tell me I can't take the meds while breastfeeding...anyone have experience with this?  I worry about how well I'll be able to function without my meds :(

Re: Breastfeeding and antidepressants...can you do both?

  • has a good section on this.  I would also suggest speaking with an LC about drug choices.
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    I've taken Celexa through two pregnancies and bf'ing. Neither of my LO's have had any ill affects from it. I only take 5mg/day though. I did need to increase my dose towards the end of my pregnancy with DD1 to 10mg and my OB was fine with that. Infant Risk is the most knowledgeable group regarding meds and pregnancy/bf'ing. There's a number on their website you can call to get info. My SIL is pregnant right now and is continuing her Celexa as well. Definitely talk it over with your dr, but Infant Risk has the most documented info on topics like this. ETA: Pediatricians are not experts on meds and bf'ing, so I wouldn't base your decision on what he says. A psychiatrist, pharmacist, or Infant Risk would be more knowledgeable on the documentation available and can better help you assess the risks/benefits.
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  • I take Zoloft and breastfeed.
    My OB said it can pass through breast milk, but not in any amount that would cause problems for Abigail.
    The only difference is that I can be a better mama, because I don't sit around all day depressed and anxious and grouchy!
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  • There are many safe meds for suggestion is to contact InfantRisk ( ) to find out about a medicines safety. Dr. Hale has done the most extensive research regarding bfing.

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  • My OB dr and pediatrician both said absolutly not!  They told me that there is not enough research to say the definatly it is safe for baby while BFing.  So it just kind of depends on the Dr and where you are at.  GL
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