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Going on medical leave - WWYD?

while I was really trying not to go on leave prior to my DD- it has come to this.  I work as an administrative assistant running the company for 3
+ years.  I do a LOT of their things, it is a multi- million dollar company and most days I run everything!  A/p A/r quotes, payroll answer their phones, and ordering supplies and materials to run the business,  custom clearing their goods, importing their vehicles/ scheduling service of their vehicles, registering their vehicles.. and today was the breaking point.  my boss and I got into an arugment- as he says "I dont do enough" and I finally lost it. 

Went to the dr and the dr says to be off work until after delivery.  I live in Canada and can get up to 15 weeks of paid 55% of my wage- for stress/medical leave- but my boss when I went to talk to him- he ran away - hoped in his vehicle and wont answer his phone.  he is acting like an infant.  Plus they are leaving to the UK tomorrow until next week. 

I am so torn its like a dilemna- I KNOW they need me but I think the risk is too high for baby and me- so of course Im following dr's orders- taking the leave. 


what would you do? 


Re: Going on medical leave - WWYD?

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    I would take it! I posted the same type of dilemma in the June 2012 Moms board. I decided to take my leave early. Its not worth the stress, to be quite honest. But this is ultimately your decision, so good luck!
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    I was in a very similar situation to you with my first pregnancy and, based on my experience, I would say to take the leave.  Unfortunately, I didn't take it as soon as the doctor put me off, as I thought I could manage, and things became increasingly worse ... to the point that I had complications and had to be put on bedrest.

    As for talking to your boss, if your doctor has given you a medical note, dated for today, you no longer need to report to work.  You must simply inform a superior of your medical situation, (I would recommend doing so in writing), and you are done until 2013.

    Good luck with everything!

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