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Breastfeeding & Weightloss....

So when is breastfeeding suppose to help me start losing weight??? Because it's been 6 months, and I'm eating right ,excerising and breastfeeding, and the scale is not budging!!!



Re: Breastfeeding & Weightloss....

  • mnewleemnewlee
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    I've heard that sometimes it can cause your body to hold onto fat stores, making losing weight harder.


    Since losing weight wasn't hard enough :)


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  • My exact problem and waiting for the day when things change.  I've even gained a few lbs back from the initial 25 lbs lost in the days after giving birth.  But this HAS to move because i'm starting to lose my mind about it.
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  • kcl22kcl22
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    Breastfeeding does not automatically = weight loss.  Some women actually hold on to their fat stores until they're done breastfeeding.  Continue eating right and exercising and you'll see a difference eventually.
  • I tried eating more, eating less, eating just for hunger, calorie counting, weight watchers, more exercise, less exercise.  NOTHING makes a difference!  I also gained more weight than I thought I would when I was pregnant - I was meticulous about what I ate, worked out 5 days a week and still gained way more than I should have.  I think my body just works weird.  I'm assuming this weight will eventually come off... I would just like it to be sooner rather than later!
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