3rd Trimester

Summer shorts score!

Some of you may be picky with clothes during this time, I however am not overly concerned with brand names. I feel that being prego only last 9-10 months and before you know it you'll never wear the clothes again until the next baby (if you plan on having one, and you happen to fall within the same seasons again) so I look for affordable, nicely made neutral items to last me until my son arrives. I found this online and the shorts came in the mail today. I LOVE them! They are nicely made and have thin material (but not see through)  Def will help me get through these next couple of months! Shipping is only .98c per item too!


I ordered the ones shown in Olive (they are really dark green color) and the knee length kahaki capris (also a darker tan color, more like bermuda shorts) They also have jean shorts in 2 packs if you prefer them instead however I did not order them as I wanted something as light and as flexible as possible.


Happy Shopping!


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Re: Summer shorts score!

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