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Tender belly button!

I swear my little man is trying to punch his way out my belly button at times and it seriously is sore!

Does anyone else have a tender belly button!  

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Re: Tender belly button!

  • I do, but in an opposite way.  I feel that baby is tugging the cord and pulling my belly button inward.  Ew, makes me have this nauseas sinking feeling :(
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    Yes. My doctor says it has nothing to do with the cord.  Just that the area around your belly button is the only area of your stomach that doesn't have an extra layer of muscle between it and your uterus.  So it is more likely to be tender there.
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  • Mine is really tender too--they say it gets sore when it is about to turn into an outie.  I actually am bruised around my belly button because of this process.  I hope it pops soon and maybe it will bring a little relief.

  • I've always had a sensitive belly button, and now that it's all flat and rubbing against my shirt - ick. I hate it so much.
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