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"Indigo children"?

WTF is this? I Googled it, but I'm still at a loss. FI's one sister is now insisting that her 10 yo son with ADHD is an indigo child. I have never heard of this. FFIL says it must be another word for "needs a good smack on the ass". 

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Re: "Indigo children"?

  • Wikipedia makes it sound like indigo children are kids with supernatural tendencies, like psychic abililties.  But, I have no idea what all that entails.
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    Your future SIL sounds... special... And your FFIL sounds AWESOME.

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  • A girl from HS told me she was an indigo. Something about aliens and crystals and being transcedental. If indigosmetana their word for meth addict, she was as indigo as they come.  

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    I found this on Wiki. 


    Relationship to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

    Many children labeled indigo by their parents are diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)[11] and Tober and Carroll's book The Indigo Children linked the concept with diagnosis of ADHD.[7] Robert Todd Carroll points out that labeling a child an indigo is an alternative to a diagnosis that implies imperfection, damage or mental illness, which may appeal to many parents,[12] a belief echoed by academic psychologists.[11] He also points out that many of the commentators on the indigo phenomenon are of varying qualifications and expertise. Linking the concept of indigo children with the distaste for the use of Ritalin to control ADHD, Carroll states "The hype and near-hysteria surrounding the use of Ritalin has contributed to an atmosphere that makes it possible for a book like Indigo Children to be taken seriously. Given the choice, who wouldn't rather believe their children are special and chosen for some high mission rather than that they have a brain disorder?"[12]

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  • If anyone watched old school CSI there was an "indigo child" in that.  She was basically a super smart girl (in high school when she was 10 or something, a college professor by 15).  She also murdered anyone who pissed her brother off.  But in the show they described it as a child who "sees what others can't" or whatever.  Not really sure what that means, though.

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  • The definition of Indigo children has gotten a life of its own, such as children with ADD or ADHD and/or other behavioral problems.  However, its original meaning was a child with deep spiritual connections.  Indigo children may have "imaginary" or spirit friends, say things that you wonder how they may know about that particular topic, and be somewhat dreamy at times.  You may observe preverbal children staring off into space with great attention or laughing at apparently nothing (they are seeing spirit people).  Preschoolers may be chatting away with a spirit entity.  They may also have very vivid dreams.   It is nothing to be alarmed about.  The ability that causes the greatest challenge is to be empathic.  Empathic children absorb others' emotions and are thus sad, angry or some other emotion with no apparent reason.  The anger part can lead to some serious behavior problems.  It can also lead to depression for which there is no apparent cause.  It is sad to see children with this situation be medicated when all it would take is for them to learn to manage their gifts and sort out what is theirs and what they are absorbing from others.

     All children need to learn to behave no matter what their situation!

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