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Favorite WAHM diapers (non-fitteds)

Seems like WAHM fitteds get a lot of love, but I rarely hear about great WAHM pockets, AIOs and AI2s.  So I was wondering, what other WAHM dipes do you love and why? 
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Re: Favorite WAHM diapers (non-fitteds)

  • Doodle Dypes are great AI2s
  • Not to derail the thread, but do the Cutesy Tushies pocket diapers wick (with cotton/fabric outers)? I am disappointed that the Cooshie Tooshies I bought wick very badly even though I found a lot of positive comments about them beforehand, but I am wondering if that is just what happens with cotton outers?
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  • I love our Cutiepoops pockets.




  • I second Doodle Dypes AI2s. They are our favorite diaper overall.
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