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EP: pump and supplies

Like previously mentioned in my other post, I'm going to be EP.  Our scheduled csection is next week, so I'm trying to get everything in place the best as I can with being on bed rest!  

 What pump did you find worked the best for EP?  I'm looking into the medela pump in style advance...any thoughts or reviews on that one?   

Also, is there anything else I need to be prepared for when we're in the hospital and then once were home?  At first I wasn't planning on breastfeeding, but I have decided to now so I didn't get a chance to take any classes, etc before I went on bed rest! 


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Re: EP: pump and supplies

  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    I won't mentioned anything about the pumps, I couldn't afford a Medela so I bought an Avent Dual (Duo?) Electric.  It's lasted me 8 months, no problems at all. 

    Things to be prepared for:  read the manual (some come with a DVD) for your pump.  Sterilize your parts.  Sterlize the bottles you are going to use (bottles, nipples, etc).  Buy milk storage bags.  Buy at least 1 other set of pump parts, and an extra set (mine come in a pack of 8 I think) of membranes (these wear out every month or so).  I would consider finding a lactation consultant that has worked with EPers before.  This board is great, but when I started EPing, very little applied to me.  Personally, I logged each and every pump session (what time, how long, how much milk I got) for the first month-ish.  I wanted to be able to see any kind of dip in supply, or answer any questions that might come up to a LC if I needed one. 

    As far as classes, there aren't any that will prepare you to EP, unfortunately.  I did watch the Laugh and Learn series DVDs (breastfeeding, childbirth, and newborn care).  I got them from my library.  They were pretty helpful!

    Do you have Netflix or Hulu Prime?  My laptop was invaluable to me during the night pumping sessions.  It made them much more bearable.  Set an alarm for those night pumps (keep with the every 2-3 hours day and night). 

    Tell DH to prepare himself, because he is going to have to help you.  It's really stressful if you try to feed baby and then pump (plus, you'll be up for over an hour each time, it's really exhausting).  See if he would consider feeding LO while you pump.

    Good luck!  T&Ps for a smooth delivery, and healthy mommy and baby.

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  • kms34kms34 member

    PP's gave good advice :)  Planning ahead is key. Have everything ready and baby fed before you pump. I have the Medela PISA and it's worked great EPing for 2 kids.  If I had money I would get the Freestyle in a heartbeat but I can't justify it right now.

    The best tip I've ever received is to try to completely relax while pumping.  Give yourself enough time to pump so you're not in a hurry.  Also, dont' look at the bottles filling up.  I know it's weird but I swear I started getting more if I just ignored it and watched tv or played around on my iPad/phone.  A watched pot never boils :)

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  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    image Estwd2:
    I have the PISA and I like it just fine. I've had no problems. Good advice from the PP. I will add that everything went smoother for me once I set up a "pumping station" at home. I kept my pump set up on a table next to the couch with a water bottle, snacks, the tv remote, cell phone, a book, etc. Next to me on the couch I keep the boppy with a burp cloth, paci, and blanket for baby (toys when older). My schedule was to feed DD, then place her on the boppy and start pumping. Unless you have a fussy baby, this is the time they'll be most content, so it's a good time to pump. I had everything within arm's reach and the pump ready to go. That makes it so much smoother. DD would fall asleep to the sounds of the pump. When I was done, I'd detach, place DD in her crib, swing, whatever and then wash my parts. Easy peasy. I think I only woke DH at night maybe three times to help. It's doable; just plan ahead. GL!

    I forgot about my "station"!  I set up in his nursery (he was sleeping in our room, so the nursery was unused).  I would sit in the glider, and use the ottoman for all my supplies.  I used a simple dollar store basket for my pump parts, and put a handtowel in it to absorb the moisure after I washed the parts.  I always put LO in his bouncy seat with the vibration and music on.

    Oh, another tip I don't think was mentioned - you don't have to wash your pump parts after every session!  You have 2 easier ways - 1.  BM is good for 6-10 hours at room temp, so however often you pump (every 2-3 hours), you can wash your parts every 2-3 sessions.  You can also put your pieces in a big ziploc and put them in the fridge (though I hated the shock of cold parts).

    Also, have you seen any of the Hump Day Pump Day posts on Wednesdays?  There's a link for a FB group.  I haven't joined, but it might be a good way to get faster feedback for your questions :)

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  • I have the Medela PISA and it worked great for me... one year of EP with it. PP all had really great advice.

    You might want to invest in lots of bottles, I probably had 20 or so in 150-ml, 5 and 8-oz sizes. This way you are not constantly washing bottles. A good drying rack is also nice.

    In your pump bag, you will want extra membranes, quick clean wipes, batteries for the battery pack (PISA has one), paper towels, extra freezer bags (in case you pump more then expected), and I always kept a burp cloth to wipe off an extra milk.


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