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I'm a laundry doofus

I have a wide variety of CDs- AIOs, refolds, pockets, gdiapers.  I use All Free and Clear.  I do a cold rinse (no detergent), hot wash (w/ det.), cold rinse (no get.).  I have a bunch on hand-me-down Charlie Bananas that stink.  More barnyard than ammonia, but closer to nasty gym socks than barnyard.  A couple weeks ago someone on here suggested bleach.  At what stage do I put bleach in the washer?  How much?  Will it ruin the colors?  I can't use anything with perfumes or dyes because DH has very sensitive skin, so I don't even buy it.


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Re: I'm a laundry doofus

  • 1/4 of a cup in the main wash cycle.  If you don't do it often it won't effect the colors.  You could try just bleaching the inserts if that's what stinks.  It will effect the PUL and elastic over time, so use bleach sparingly only as needed.

    However, you may want to think about switching detergents.  All F&C isn't that great for CDs and may give you more problems with stink/repelling over time.  I really like Tiny Bubbles and use it for our CDs and clothes without issue.  We are allergic to most detergents and have no issues with TB. 

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