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BG Freetime - do they go on sale?

My stash is currently 24 BG 4.0 and I wouldn't mind getting a few more and was thinking about trying the Freetime ones. Currently BG is having their B5G1 sale, but only for the 4.0's.

Has anyone ever seen a deal for the Freetime?

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Re: BG Freetime - do they go on sale?

  • I have never seen a deal specific to Freetimes. They are a relatively new CD, so that may be why. 
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  • I only ever see the 4.0's on sale - the elementals and freetimes are always regular price - not even a bulk discount :-(
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  • Well, they only came out about 6 months ago so I'm sure that's why. Although sales on Elementals are pretty rare too now that I think about it, and they're not very new.
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  • You have to watch, I picked up 2 in aplix from a small online store back in march for $12
  • I'd just keep an eye out for CD stores that have discount codes that don't exclude BG.  There are several stores that frequently do 10-15% off, especially around holidays.  Keep an eye out on for coupon codes... I'm hoping there are a lot of 4th of July sales.
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  • kacellekacelle
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    I haven't seen them on sale.  But I way recommend the Elementals, which are sold as seconds from time to time.
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  • BG ran a 15-20% off sale during Earth week which included the freetimes but that's about it.

    You can look on the BST group for new ones, they will be a couple dollars less than retail if you can find some up for grabs.

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