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Trim-fitting cloth diapers

I wrote the post a couple weeks back about cloth diapers being bulky, and someone mentioned that some brands are trimmer than others. Can you recommend the trimmest fitting diapers you've encountered? My boy is long and lean if that makes a difference.

Re: Trim-fitting cloth diapers

  • Best Bottom and Peachy Green are both pretty trim.
  • Fuzzibunz are our trimmest.
  • BG Elementals

    ETA:  ah, just saw poster below me. Yes, I agree that Swaddlebees econappis with those bamboo inserts are super trim when it comes to pocket CDs.  Love them.

  • FB elite, swaddlebees econappi, swaddlebee simplex, grovia AI2s, to name a few.  Flips are trim, but they are cut more for wider babies IMO.

    You can also try switching out your MF inserts for hemp or bamboo which are much trimmer and more absorbent with less bulk. 

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  • So far the trimmest I've found is Flips with a Best Bottoms insert inside. I have some Swaddlebees 2.0s on order since they look like such a trim AIO for my chunky DS. I've heard Fuzzibunz are good fits for long and slim but have no idea personally.
  • Nothing no one else has mentioned, but we have BG 4.0, Fuzzibunz OS Elite, Blueberry OS, Rumparooz OS, and Happy Heinys. FB Elite are our trimmest (but not as absorbent as some of the others).
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  • BG Elementals are trim - I used them almost exclusively on my long and lean son and they were great!  I never had to size up in pants.
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  • I love Ragababe 2Steps! (AI2's) The inserts are super absorbent too. They are all velcro, and some have adjustable rise snaps, while others are snapless. They have been the best for us so far under pants and onsies. :)
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    • BG Freetimes AIO
    • Tots Bots Easy Fit AIO
    • GroVia AIO
    • Oh Katy
    • Fuzzibunz ELITE
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