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Anybody else having trouble sleeping?

I have trouble falling asleep.  Then after a few hours I have to get up to pee and I'm hungry.  So I pee and have a snack and usually can go back to sleep but the past two nights I can't go back to sleep.

 Anyone else having issues and/or found a solution?

Re: Anybody else having trouble sleeping?

  • Thanks for the idea.  I will try this tonight!
  • Also good advice, thanks! I have not tried to limit my liquids.  I'm so freakin thirsty all the time.  I was worried about GD but so far so good. I just got off the phone with my SO and he just told me I need to eat before bed so I'm not hungry and getting up (I kept him up last night, oops.)
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  • Not sleeping well because it is hard to find a position. I am a back sleeper and cannot stay on it anymore. (16.5 weeks)
  • I've been sleeping on my couch since I snore when I am pg, and quite honestly it is way more comfortable/supportive.  I have no trouble falling asleep, but I have crazy pregnancy dreams that wake me up sometimes multiple times a night.  I have no advice - sorry :-(
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  • jg1011jg1011 member

    I was like this early on. It got better at about 13 weeks. Now I am only up once to go to the bathroom at night and I am able to get back to sleep pretty easily.

    Try eating a snack with protein and carbs right before you go to bed. That seemed to help me through the "always hungry phase" at night. Now I've hit the "always hungry" phase during the day! Big Smile 

    Good luck! 

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  • Thanks everyone!  I tried the fist suggestion and had choc milk right before bed.  I got up once at 1:30 to pee and went right back to sleep.  (insert triumphant angels singing music here) Party!!!
  • steverstever member

    I have reflux, my hips hurt and I have s suspicion that I have that Pubic Symphisis thing so yeah, I'm having trouble sleeping. :(

  • Yes! I can't believe I'm having trouble sleeping so early in this PG. I wake up once or twice to pee, occasionally because I'm hungry and worst of all, around 5 or 6am (when I don't need to be up until 7:30!). It's those wake-ups well before the alarm that are killing me. I'm not even uncomfortable yet so I dread where this is headed. I make up for it by taking a nap with my 2-year old pretty much every day.
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