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Pediatrician Interview Questions?

I was just wondering what were some questions you guys asked when interviewing pediatricians?!?!




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Re: Pediatrician Interview Questions?

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    HeyJuneHeyJune member

    We didn't interview ours, but here are some things I'd want to know (now that we've been using a pedi for 2 years):

    - Do you have weekend hours or evening hours? Are they charged at a higher rate? Do you have an after hours phone number for emergencies or calling in medicines?

    - Do you share hours/shifts with another physician or would we see you every time we make an appointment? (A lot of pediatricians are actually part time and share patients with one other pedi.)

    - Do you write prescriptions for other family members when everyone is sick with the same thing? (Ours will write for our entire family if it is something we've all got, which saves us money since we don't need multiple appointments.)

    - Do you have a separate waiting area for well baby visits or does everyone wait together?

    - Can I have a copy of your standard vaccine schedule?

    - Are you affiliated with a local hospital? Which one? (This might affect if you want to use them because it's where they'll send you if they need to be hospitalized or have any procedure done.)


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    I asked tons of questions but my main ones were "do you offer an alternative vaccine schedule?" "Do you have preservative free vaccines?" "Shouls anyone who holds LO get the TDAP?" " "Do you have emergency hours or is it whoever is on duty?" That last question is because we go to the hospital on a Navy base.
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    When we went in to meet our pediatrician we could barely get a word in ! He had questions for us, and pretty much had a routine kind of meeting down. Which I was okay with since I wasn't sure what to ask either. I think most of them are have a kind of routine for when new/expecting parents are coming in to meet them
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