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Just called to cancel our NT scan :(

I've been doing pretty well in the week and half post D&C so far.  Just got back from vacation which really helped take my mind off of things. But today it's back to reality and I realized I still had to call and cancel our NT scan which was scheduled for next week.  And of course the receptionist asks the reason for canceling and I have to say the words "I had a miscarriage".  And now I'm bawling my eyes out...

Sorry, just needed to vent.  :(

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Re: Just called to cancel our NT scan :(

  • So sorry that you had to do that!  

    It usually is the little things that sets me off as well.  I had all of my prenatal care appointments scheduled through September and fortunately after my D&C follow-up, they all disappeared from my chart.  I guess my nurse maybe cleared them all for me.  However, the receptionist in the office did ask me if I wanted a free copy of Fit Pregnancy - I just stared at her blankly.  Uh, duh - I'm not pregnant.

    Vent here anytime! 

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  • that must have been so hard for you. my NT scan was supposed to be last week, but i didnt even the courage to call and cancel. i hope i dont get charged for that, but i think they should clear our follow up appts. but yesterday, i called for my beta results, and the RN on the phone  asked me how many weeks along i was, i responded 'none' and then started crying on the phone :-/ 

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