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I think my baby dropped!

Ok, so this morning I woke up and my belly looks different. It feels heavier and lower, and lately I've been feeling a lot of flashes of pain in my pelvic area. My family says it looks like it has dropped, but I don't know what a dropped belly looks like. Maybe she just changed shape for the day?! LOL

I'd attach a picture, but I can't figure out how to do it.

 How did you girls know when your baby dropped? Is this any indication of how much more I've got left?

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Re: I think my baby dropped!

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    My bump was noticeably lower and I felt like I was carrying around a bowling ball in my stomach and I had to pee WAYYY more often (which I didn't think was possible).  lol  I didn't notice it but my mom did right away and so did the ladies I work with.  I just thought he had moved to a weird position. 

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    I was just reading about this because I was thinking the same thing. Over the last week, I have has serious pressure down there and I have the urge to pee pretty much constantly. I haven't noticed a huge change in belly shape, I did read that it can happen and we may never even notice, so everyone is a little different. 
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    I feel this same exact way!!
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