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Sorry, have to brag....

We just got back from a trip to Europe for my sister's wedding that  involved 24+ hours on planes and in airports in each direction. I was a little uncomfortable NIP before, but I am proud to say I am now a total pro!

On the plane it's pretty easy, because people tend to keep to themselves anyway. In the airports, I started using a cover, but by the end of the trip I didn't even bother. DS doesn't like the cover, and it was just easier not to have to dig out one more thing.

I got no comments of any kind, my baby was fed and happy (I think he even had a growth spurt from how often he wanted to comfort nurse on the plane).

It was a little like learning to swim by being thrown into the deep end of the pool, but I now feel like I can feed my baby anywhere!

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  • Congrats!! 
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  • Awesome! I have a long plane trip coming up... pretty nervous.
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  • @Adanessa- I was nervous, too, but it turned out not to be a big deal. He ate and slept the whole time. The plane is like a giant white noise machine, and we put him in pjs before, so he was sleepy the whole time. We also brought a boppy on the plane, and let him sleep on that, which is his favorite napping spot. 

    In the airports, I just found the most private seating I could find and went for it.

    I wore nursing tanks and loose fitting shirts over top, so I was covered without having to use a nursing cover, which my son hates.  

    My LO is younger than yours,  but for us it really turned out there was nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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  • That's fantastic.  I've never once used a cover (even though I own one).  I sort of feel like if I am doing it right, I don't need to expose much of anything (a little bit of my stomach will show on the side I'm feeding on) but my DD's head blocks the view if I position her correctly. 

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