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Anyone BF while pregnant?

I am currently bf my 10 1/2 month old. I am going to start TTC next month. I am planning to continue bf in until he is 2, so that means tandum nursing if I get pregnant with #2 soon. Anyone done this? Does supply change much through pregnancy? How does older child feel about sharing milk??
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Re: Anyone BF while pregnant?

  • red1976red1976
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    I am currently BFing but only early in my 2nd pregnancy. I can only speak to supply - which at the moment is the same. The only thing is that I seem to get nauseated at times while she's nursing.
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  • aglennaglenn
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    DD was older when I got pg with DS.  She turned 2 about the time I entered 2nd tri.  But, she continued nursing until the beginning of my 3rd tri when she just gave it up cold turkey.  I think my supply had dropped a lot by that point and/or the milk was changing to colostrum for the baby.  Up until that point I still seemed to have the same amount of milk as before.  I think this is one of those things where everyone is different, though.

    I can't comment on tandem nursing.  I thought DD might ask to nurse again after baby got here but she didn't.

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  • I'm currently 40 weeks and still nursing DS, 26 months.   My supply took a dive during the first trimester and DS cut back on nursing a bit.   He would still nurse at his regular times but not for very long.   My colustrum came in around 28 weeks and he picked up nursing more often and for longer times.   He will now nurse between 30 minutes to an hour.   I usually have to make him switch sides since my nipples have become rather sore.   I don't know how he'll take to sharing but I do tell him when sister gets here he'll have to share.  I didn't read it but Adventures in Tandem Nursing is supposed to be a good resource.
  • I didn't notice any major change in supply while pregnant. I did go through some nipple soreness that was no fun. I also would get "the willies" which is what I call the weird feeling of needing to get up and move and you can't because you're nursing and it's tingly and annoying. Overall my son didn't mind me being pregnant at all and never complained or anything. It got a little tricky when my belly got big at the end but we managed. He also got kicked by the baby sometimes which was funny.

    We're now tandem nursing and I love it. One thing I didn't realize was that my son would pick up the pace with nursing. He nursed like a newborn those first few months. It was ridiculous. He's calmed back down now but still requests it more often than before the baby came. He's been pretty good about sharing. Every once in a while he'll tell me the baby doesn't want to nurse right now. It's usually when he's tired because he wants to lay across my lap while he nurses and if they're both nursing I make him sit up and put the baby in my lap.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask. 

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