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nursing sports bra? does it exist?

I've started running and am constantly switching from my sports bra to my nursing bra.  anyone know if there is such a thing as a nursing sports bra? 


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Re: nursing sports bra? does it exist?

  • Motherhood Maternity has something that is kind of like a sports bra...I don't know that it has enough support, as I'm not a runner. I had something similar to this, but mine lifted from the bottom.


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  • red1976red1976
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    I have this one from Motherhood ...

     To be honest - it's not supportive enough for me to run with. I end up using my non-nursing bras for running. But it is a very comfy bra.

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  • It's not made for nursing per se, but I swear by my Moving Comfort sports bra. 

    The straps velcro in the front, which means I can easily drop one or both sides for a feed without having to take it on and off.  And it's incredibly supportive, which is also important. 

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  • I have the sports bras from Motherhood.  I have a few actually.  I love them.  I got them on their buy three get one free sales. 
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