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Newlyweds expecting babies 1 & 2

It's time for me to retire from lurking. I've been lurking since my Dec 2010 engagement (kinda creepy, I know). As the post title states we recently got married, like three weeks ago recent lol. We didn't plan on trying until the fall, but alas here we are. DH and I are both 26 and will remain so through out this pregnancy.

At 9 weeks (aka our first ultrasound) two heart beats were discovered. As you can imagine that was PanicMania. Here we are 8 weeks after finding out and are still in complete shock.

The EDD is 11/2/12

Can't wait to get to know you lovely ladies!

~ BFP 3/14/12 ~ EDD 11/2/12 ~ twins discovered @ 9 weeks ~

Re: Newlyweds expecting babies 1 & 2

  • Welcome to the group!!!  Congrats to ya'll!  I am sure that was a big shock, but so very exciting!
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  • milescmilesc
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    Congrats! (on the wedding)

    Congrats! (on LO#1)

    Congrats! (on LO#2!)

    Smile Welcome! We have LOTS of twin Mommas here


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  • Thank you for the warm welcome!


    ~ BFP 3/14/12 ~ EDD 11/2/12 ~ twins discovered @ 9 weeks ~
  • How exciting! Welcome and congrats :D
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  • Congrats!! 
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  • Congrats! Welcome! How exciting!



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  • Whoa..lots going on for you!!  Congrats on your marriage and your babies!! 

    I'm due 11/2/12 also!!

    Good luck with everything!!!

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  • Welcome and congrats on your wedding and babies one and two!  We also got two heart beats on our first visit so I know what the shock is like!
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  • Congrats of the wedding and the babies!

    We also have twins expected 11/9/12. 

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  • Congratulations and welcome!!


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