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Cloth Diapering

Does anyone do Family Cloth?

My neighbor told me that she does family cloth for her and the kids - which kinda put me on edge because we use the same coin-op washer and dryer (8 apts share 1 washer/1 dryer).

We are using a service right now - but in the next month we're going to be buying our prefolds from the service and washing our own.  I'm considering cloth wipes for the baby too.  But my neighbor has been going on and on about how great cloth is for the whole family.

Anyone else want to share their thoughts?


Re: Does anyone do Family Cloth?

  • I don't, and I know that it takes a lot of energy and trees and bleach to make TP - but to me the environmental impact is totally different from diapers, since it all goes down the toilet and is processed along with the waste. I'll be interested to see what other people have to say about using it - I've read some blog posts but I'm not convinced I'll ever do it. 
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  • I don't, but now that DD is on solids and we are going to have to spray her diapers, I was thinking of putting a few of her cloth wipes in the bathroom for me to use myself.  Then, I can just throw them in the wetbag I'm planning to keep in bathroom.

    If I didn't CD, I don't think I'd even consider family cloth.

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  • I don't but I've been considering it since I'm already washing someomes dirty cloth anyway! For some reason I kinda have a mental hangup about the family cloth though... I think I may just try mama cloth when I get my period back.
  • Family Cloth...

    I couldn't use this personally for everyone in the house's poos... it may be a pee-only thing for us. If you do try it, I wonder how a "soak-bucket" would be? Bleach water solution to put the cloths in daily and empty it daily?

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