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Rant: People are SO hurtful!! :(

So I've never been overweight EVER. I'm 5 foot tall and a size 2. I walked into my friends house for lunch yesterday and she said, "Wow, if I didn't know you were pregnant, I would think you were really tubby!". Um, all my extra weight is in my belly... not my arms or butt, etc. I was almost in tears. She went on to say, "You better pray your belly pops more because you won't be able to go to the beach this summer without people thinking you're a fatty unless you look more pregnant." I cried a lot last night
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Re: Rant: People are SO hurtful!! :(

  • Are you serious?!???  I am so, so sorry that happened to you!!  What is wrong with her??  I would be cutting her out as a friend like, immediately, that is not the behaviour of a friend at all.  A friend should have said, "Oh wow you look amazing!  Look at your baby belly, you are beautiful!"  and nothing less.  I was about ten pounds overweight when I got pregnant, thankfully my belly popped early, but I know from some angles and in some outfits I just look chubby, but not one of my friends has ever said anything but nice things about my figure.  At size 2 with a baby belly I can guarantee you are a gorgeous mommy, and nobody should ever make you feel otherwise.  Big hugs to you honey, and know that you are beautiful!
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  • lavet22lavet22
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    What a B!!!!!  Unfortunatelly, some people have no common sense when it comes to pregnancy.  They think it's a time where it's "ok" to comment on a womans weight at any stage.  I had one girl tell me with DS2, "Wow, you sure look fat today."  I was about 7.5mths pregnant.  I could have slapped her.  If she's a good friend, maybe you could tell her that you are sensitive about your weight and you don't appreciate the comments, hopefully she will get the hint.
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  • milescmilesc
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    I really, really hope you said something.

    And if you didn't in the moment, I'd bring it up and talk to her. Your growing a human, not gaining weight without reason. 

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  • Wouldn't you just like to say "I'm pregnant, whats your excuse?"

    Some people just do NOT have a filter!


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  • That's so rude!  I had a friend say something similar the other day.  I don't know if she thought she was being funny or what.  I just felt bad afterward.  Remember.. you're not fat, you're pregnant!
  • A family friend who watches my DS1 once a week in her home daycare said to me this morning: "how much weight have you gained? you look huge!  i can't imagine what you will look like towards the end."  I, too, am small framed and was back to my prebaby weight before I got pregnany this time.  I have only gained 4 lbs. and it is all belly.

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  • Nice frenemy. Eff her; I'm sure you look fantastic!
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  • image pixe123:

    Wouldn't you just like to say "I'm pregnant, whats your excuse?"

    Some people just do NOT have a filter!

    I've got this one on standby!

  • I'm sorry, but she must not be much of a friend if she's saying those things to you.  That's an awful thing for anyone to say!  You need to let her know that what she said was hurtful and inappropriate.  I know from experience that people tend to say really dumb things to pregnant women, don't let her make you feel bad at all!  
  • Don't let stupid people make you cry!!!  She's ignorant and needs to read an article about what NOT to say to a pregnant woman.  The other day a coworker "so nicely" told me that I was carrying my baby weight all over and I was "spreading".  My DH works with me and heard her say this and told her where she could put her words....LOL  I just laughed it off because I look at my body everyday and know where my weight is going....everyone else can drink a nice cold glass of shut the front door!!!

    Keep your head up and know that you are beautiful regardless of stupid comments...you are cooking a baby :)

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  • Not entirely sure she would be my friend much longer.
  • That was mean!  She probably just selfishly didn't think about how that would sound to you.  ((hugs))
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